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Soma Fitness Combines Forces with Olympic Sprinter Malachi Davis!!!

OMG! We are sooo excited. If you follow us on Instagram you know that Summer and I recently went to the “Be the Change” conference in Las Vegas. It was a lot different from our old Vegas trips. For one, we didn’t get a chance…

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Choose Stevia Instead of Sugar!

Maintaining a healthy diet can be the toughest on those of us that have a sweet tooth. However,  there’s no need to shun sweets altogether. Instead of sugar reach for a handy bottle of liquid or powdered stevia to flavor your oatmeal, sweet potatoes or…

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A Word About Water

Water makes up more than 65 percent of the average adult human body. Babies are born with as much as 75 percent water composition, yet obese people can have as little as 45 percent body water composition. If the body does not get enough water,…

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A Word About Fish

Our fish are in pretty bad condition. Most farmed fish deal with sickness from overcrowding, parasites and growth hormones. In addition, they are stuffed with antibiotics making them less than nutritious for our consumption. Unfortunately, many species of ocean fish have been over-fished, contain high…

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What Do Serena Williams and Tom Brady Have That You Don’t?

Nope, not millions in the bank. They have something you could get today, but curiously almost nobody does. Elite-tennis player Serena Williams and NFL football quarterback Tom Brady both have coaches! In fact, almost all elite athletes have coaches who help them compete at their…

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