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Soma Fitness Party After Glow!

Last weekend we hosted our first Soma Fitness party. It was AWESOME. If you didn’t make it, you’ll want to be there next time! It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles as we sipped blueberry lemonade and white wine, and snacked on cucumber-tuna bites…

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Join the Soma Superheroes and Save 10% Off Your Spartan Race Entry!

Join our Soma Superheroes team! Ready to crawl under barbwire? Jump over fire? Throw spears? Turn friends into family, while together you conquer crazy obstacles like rope climbing over a muddy pond? In December 2012, I did my first Spartan Race in Malibu. It was…

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Soma Superstar: International DJ Louisa Pillot

When you came to Soma Fitness what was your fitness goal? I had definitely plateaued in both performance and weight loss and was really unhappy with my body.  I have struggled for a long time with disordered eating, restricting and exercise bulimia and I didn’t want to fall back…

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